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Thank you Jesus for the gift of our children!

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A week ago, we took the children to a living history museum that is local to us, to enjoy a summer festival they were having. We met with their cousins there, and a great time was had by all. Here are some pictures that were taken inside the children’s discovery zone. Lots of hands-on activities, games, dress-up, and more!

Kassidy shows us that even two-year old pioneer girls have a job to do!

Kaitlyn and Kyle are ready to take your order in the country store.

Kourtney has a basket of goodies all prepared!

Kory likes the view from the train engine.

Who knew it takes THREE girls to drive a tractor?

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Ever since I was quite young there is one thing in particular that has really bothered me, and that thing is PRAGMATISM. I see things in a very black and white way, that is, for me there are no gray areas. That does not mean that I do not believe in grace, or anything like that. I am very thankful to our Heavenly Father for the abundant grace He shows to me and to all of us on a daily basis. What it means is, that I see sin as sin. I see law as law. I see truth as truth.

It bothers me when I see people water down the truth. That happens so much in today’s culture that sometimes you can’t even “see” the truth anymore when people are finished with it. For example, abortion is murder people, ALL the time. Not just, when a woman is at a certain place in her pregnancy. Not just under certain circumstances. It is murder ALL the time.

It bothers me when I see people break the law, especially when they are Christians. We are to uphold the law of our land unless it makes us disobey God’s law, or conflicts with God’s law. Just because we see a law as being ridiculous, unnecessary, or unimportant, it does not mean that we can go ahead and disobey it or ignore it.

It bothers me when I see Christians, Churches, or Church leaders try and turn something that is sinful into something that is not. I want to reach the unsaved or the lost for Jesus so very much. I want to help them see, that the wonderful Savior that I have can be their Savior as well. I want them to feel welcome to hear the truth and be set free. I do not, however, believe that condoning wrong behaviors or belief systems is the way to accomplish that. All that does is shrink your message. I know that it has been said many times, but it is true that we must “Hate the Sin, and Love the Sinner.” We must refuse to embrace the sin!

Pragmatism is such a part of our  value system that is weaved into the very fabric of our society. It has infiltrated our schools, Churches, workplaces, and everything in between. To quote Kevin Swanson of http://generationswithvision.com , “Pragmatism is the Teflon on the slide to Gomorrah.” Moral relativism must be banished. This applies to ALL areas of our lives. It applies to child training, gender roles, birth control issues, education, modesty, sanctity of life, you name it. We must strive for truth bold enough to shine through in this world, or we are in danger of losing sight of it entirely.

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Have you ever read an article, heard a story, or seen an event that made you so glad that you are a homeschooler? If you are like me, this happens a lot. I don’t need world experiences to convince me that our decision to home educate our children was the right one, I have the Bible to tell me that.

It doesn’t hurt however, that when I run across an article like the one below, I feel a nice affirmation of our choice. My daughter will be in the third grade this Fall, and I am SO glad that she is not one of the students dealing with this issue at such a young and tender age. You can read more about the day and age of our school and educational system below.This has no place in the classroom, or anywhere for that matter!

This news story can be found at the following location:


The article follows:

3rd-graders asked to help classmate in gender change
Parents given 1-day notice of presentation explaining boy would now wear girl clothes

Posted: May 10, 2008
6:55 pm Eastern

© 2008 WorldNetDaily

A Pennsylvania elementary school has angered parents by giving them one-day’s notice of planned counseling sessions with 100 third-grade students to explain that one of their male classmates would soon begin wearing girls’ clothing and taking a female name and to ask that they accept him as a girl and not make unkind remarks.

The exercise in “social transition” was initiated by the boy’s parents who approached the administration at Chatham Park Elementary School in Haverford Township asking that the school help in having their child’s female identity find acceptance among his peers. After consulting experts on transgender children, the Haverford School District sent letters to parents advising them the school guidance counselor would meet with their children, reported the Philadelphia Inquirer.

While some parents contacted the principal asking that their children be excused, others took their anger out online.

“Why is the school introducing this subject to 8- and 9-year-olds?” wrote an angry parent who started a discussion on the Haverford Township’s blog site. “Why were we not notified sooner. We received the letter today, the discussion at school is tomorrow.”

The Haverford Township blog is not currently viewable.

In the letter to parents, Chatham Park principal Daniel Marsella assured parents the counseling would use “developmentally appropriate language” to explain “how we need to help this student make a social transition in school.”
“This is something that was going to come out,” said Mary Beth Lauer, district director of community relations. “Isn’t it better to be proactive, and let people know what is happening and how we’re dealing with it?”

According to Valerie Huff, whose daughter is a friend of the boy, he had started wearing girls’ clothes and an upcoming school event would have made his gender identity public.

“I did not think that the letter needed to go out,” Huff said. “The kids don’t make any big deal about it at all.”

But not so the parents. Postings to the community blog have upset the boy’s parents, the Inquirer reported.

WND reported a pediatric endocrinologist at the renowned Boston Children’s Hospital has launched a new program to drug transgender children to delay puberty so they can decide at a later age whether they want a male or a female body.

The Haverford boy has not received medical treatments to change his sex, but has told others he sees himself a girl.

WND has reported previously on some of the controversies prompted by the belief that a man can be born in a woman’s body, or vice versa, including in Montgomery County, Md., where county officials have adopted a law that precludes those who provide public accommodations from discriminating based on that “gender identity.”

Voters there have petitioned to have a vote on that law because they fear men who “decide” they are female walking into women’s restrooms and locker rooms.

Paul McHugh, a psychiatrist and professor at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, was critical of the school’s handing of the issue.

“They do not have a right to stop the child, but it’s different when they gather everyone around and say, ‘Johnnie is Jeanie,” he said.

McHugh, who has studied sexual reassignment surgery for 30 years, particularly in the 1970s when Hopkins was a leader in the field, said society should not support decisions of immature persons.

“People came to us saying that if we changed them, we’d solve all their problems,” he said. “So we changed them, and their problems remained.”

Chatham Park guidance counselor Catherine Mallam said the students she spoke to seemed to be accepting of the boy’s change of identity.


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Some people think that you send your children to school to learn things like math, science, history, writing, etc. And they may do a little of that. But what traditional schools are really there for, is to indoctrinate your children into a liberal social agenda in any way that they deem appropriate. They can tailor curriculum to include gay and lesbian studies in every subject from reading to math, and everything in between. And please don’t forget the “terrorism drills” where students hide under their desks thinking they are going to be murdered by a masked gunmen or some other equally horrifying situation.

Or how about this one? Putting together a school-board sanctioned  “party package” for Prom attendees, made up of things like candy, picture frames, and BIRTH CONTROL. Now you tell me. What are they teaching the children there?  I think it is time for these children to be educated in both academics and values by their parents, not a social institution. These issues belong in the home. The Lord commanded parents, especially fathers, to teach their children. Not to send them off to whoever is doing the teaching at the time, with whatever motivation they may have. Do you really want your children to be at the mercy of a program you have no control over and no say in? You can read more below.

The source for this article is located here:


Here is the rest of this news story:

Schools’ new prom fever: Giving condoms to kids
Board approves gifts for students at dance

Posted: April 07, 2008
9:26 pm Eastern

By Bob Unruh
© 2008 WorldNetDaily

A school board in Arizona has decided that condoms are among the items that should be given to students attending this year’s prom.

The school board in the Bisbee District voted 4-1 at a recent meeting to include the condoms in a “prom bag” that will be given to prom-goers this year.

A spokeswoman in the office of Supt. Paul McDonald confirmed the condoms would be handed out to the event celebrants, along with other items such as picture frames, balloons and candy.

“The governing board approved [this],” she told WND. “They are to have what they call prom bags, which include picture frames and balloons and candy and other items. They requested from the health department if they could put a condom in the bag also.”

She said Bisbee High Principal Jim Gordon would be able to provide additional details on the promotion, but Gordon declined to respond to a message left by WND.

WND earlier reported when a seminar speaker in Boulder, Colo., told high school students to “have sex, do drugs,” and the outrage that erupted among parents.

WND also has reported when an opinion concluded that the law requires children to be taught how to use condoms.

But handing out condoms in association with a traditional high school dance still horrified a number of parents and others in the Bisbee area.

“All that the policy of handing out condoms for our youth does [is] condone and indirectly approve the short-term immediately satisfaction…,” wrote Chuck and Sharon Tuell in a letter to the editor in the local Sierra Vista Herald newspaper. “Your decision is obviously every short-sighted. We are very disappointed.”

Added Dick and Margaret Hamilton in another letter to the editor: “We were appalled at the information contained in a rather low-key article in the March 25 paper… The information that was appalling to me, as a parent and a taxpayer, is that condoms will be given to all attendees of the Bisbee High School prom. Even more appalling is the fact that your paper treated this as just an everyday occurrence.”

“Only [board member] Millicent Kasun voted against the handout. Hooray for her,” the couple wrote. “We urge all concerned parents in the Bisbee school district to contact their board members and demand a reversal of the decision and to wrest their parental rights back from the school.”

The newspaper had reported the vote in a story about a board meeting, at which board members discussed the length of girls’ skirts, the school’s music honor society and other issues.

“Students attending the Bisbee High School Prom will be given gifts bags containing pictures frames, candles, mints and two condoms per bag. The board members voted four to one in favor of allowing the gift bags to be distributed,” the newspaper article said.

On the newspaper’s forum, “Billy Hill,” wrote, “This is what happens when you let the government do your thinking for you. Who will be checking to see that they are using them.”

Just weeks earlier, a Florida school district said it was planning to give its 6th-graders lessons in how to use contraceptives in a promotion by Planned Parenthood.

Officials in Palm Beach County have decided to teach their 6th-graders the use of contraceptives such as condoms because, “Florida is the sixth-highest in the nation for pregnant teens, and that tells us we need to get information to our students,” said Judy Klinek, who oversees health education for the district.


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